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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How fast do I receive my paper after I place my order?
EssayWiz is open 24 hours a day and all pre-written papers are delivered within 6 hours. Even if you order an essay at 3am, you can expect to have your paper in your hands by 9am at the latest. If your assignment is due tomorrow and you need your paper right now, our SUPER FAST RUSH SERVICE can get you your paper in 30 minutes!

Q: How do I receive my paper?
Any of our papers can be sent via email, fax, or FedEx. If you request a paper to be delivered by email, it will be sent both as an attachment and in the body of the message so that you can be sure to be able to view it.

Q: I see an essay I might like. Can I see a sample before I order?
Of course. EssayWiz allows you to view a free one page sample from any of our papers in our database before you place your order so that you can be satisfied that you are receiving quality work. Just email us with the filename of the paper you wish to preview and we will send you the free sample.

Q: Where do all your papers come from?
All our papers are written by our in-house researchers and writers. We have amassed the largest collection of professionally written research on the internet since we first started providing this service to students in 1994.

Q: It is $9.95 per page. What exactly is a "page"?
A page includes approximately 225 words typed, doubled-spaced, with 12pt font and regular one inch margins.

Q: Can I turn in the paper as my own?
Absolutely not. Doing so would be plagiarism and could result in academic censure. You should write your own paper and use our research as one of your sources. You can find our author's name and date of creation on the first paper of each paper. The publisher information is: The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc., Hainesport, NJ.

Q: I need a paper on XXXXXX. Can you help me find it?
No problem. Submit a request with your topic and we will be glad to see if we have written a paper on that topic.

Q: Should I order a custom essay?
If you were unable to find anything related to your topic in our database, you can request that we write an essay on your subject. All custom research is performed by writers who hold masters or PhDs and have also published books, articles, and academic writings in their specialities. Each paper is written from scratch and is guaranteed to be original work. Order a custom paper.

Q: I use Hotmail and the paper hasn't arrived yet. What is going on?
Most accounts are PRE-SET with the JUNK filter setup to the "ENHANCED" level. In order to be 100% sure that you receive the "file attachment" that will be sent - please follow these easy instructions NOW!! -- BEFORE the paper/file attachment is actually sent!

To turn off your HOTMAIL JUNK filter kindly follow these steps:

2. NOW look to THE far right hand corner for the word "OPTIONS" [CLICK IT]
3. NOW "CLICK" the envelope symbol next to the word "MAIL" on the left.
4. NOW "CLICK" the "Junk E-Mail Protection" link
5. NOW "CLICK" the "Junk E-Mail Filter" link
6. NOW "CLICK" the LINK FOR "Default - obvious junk e-mail is caught"
7. now "CLICK" "OK"

This completes the necessary steps in lowering the filter for your JUNK MAILBOX!

If you paper is OVERDUE!! You should contact us NOW, so that we resend the paper!

Simply email us with your Order ID# and request us to RESEND the file!

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